Become A Volunteer

Volunteer Program

There is no contribution too small to be a benefit to others in need! At S.A.F.E., we strive to make your time volunteering with us enjoyable and rewarding.

Volunteers are trained in domestic violence and sexual assault to be able to assist clients in shelter, as well as being more educated to help those in our community.

You may have several hours per week to give or may just have a few hours a year…we welcome you. As a S.A.F.E. volunteer, we can use whatever skills you have to offer! Volunteers help at either of our thrift stores, which help fund our programs. S.A.F.E. has an ongoing need for volunteers to help with mentoring, childcare, transportation, and teaching life skills to residents in shelter. Basic maintenance, landscaping, plumbing, and electrical skills can help lower our expenses so we can provide more to the children and adults we serve. Whatever your skills are, we can find a way for you to help!

Our board is comprised of volunteers as well, and we welcome you to inquire about board opportunities. Volunteers help with fundraising events, which are a great opportunity for groups who would like to help our mission and be able to work together!

All volunteers are given Butterfly Bucks to be spent in our thrift stores. For each hour you volunteer, you earn one buck! It is our way to say “Thank you”for giving your time to help our mission.

We make it easy to start the process to volunteer! You can fill out an application at either of our thrift stores, apply on line at  or call our Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki, at (706)-379-1901.

Volunteer application is available HERE



Board Member Thank You Cards Grant Research
Marketing Writing/Editing Scrapbooking


Donation Pickup Fund Raising Public Speaking Thrift Stores
Events Assistance Grocery Shopping Landscaping Presentations


Childcare Children’s Programs Tutoring Mentoring
Crisis Line Maintenance-Shelter Shelter Projects Provide Meals
Advocate Support Household Moving Tax Support Transportation

All volunteer positions require a minimal amount of training and background checks. Direct Service Volunteers are required to have initial training and annual training, as well as fingerprints completed.

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