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What Our Donors the World over Are Saying


When me and my kids came to S.A.F.E. I was drained emotionally, mentally and physically. S.A.F.E. has been nothing but a blessing since the day we walked through those doors. S.A.F.E. has helped me with countless things. Helping me to stand on my own two feet , showing me I had backbone whenever I fall short on money because I have to miss work because one of the kids is sick S.A.F.E. helps me make sure I don't fall behind on my bills. Any thing I need for the kids S.A.F.E. is always there. Mentally, phyically  and emotionally S.A.F.E has been here for me and my kids. I have not only found friends, I have found a family and for that I am forever thankful and I have S.A.F.E. to thank for that. S.A.F.E means the world to me and my kids, we love them always and forever.

Lorraine (Not her Real Name)


This program is absolutely amazing. Something so beautiful during some seriously hard times in our lives is just a complete breath of relief and hope. Since I have been here they have helped me get birth certificates for my children. They have helped me get diapers, wipes, pullups and melatonin. They are helping me pay bills for the month. Once when the coils and spark plugs needed replaced in my car, they were there for me.

Betty (Not her real name)


I have been residing at S.A.F.E. and the shelter has been a huge help to me and my children. They have helped me repair my car, get my medication, pay some bills, and school clothes for my kids. This place has helped me to get back up on my feet after so many tragic events. The shelter has been a blessing to me and my kids and I couldn't be more grateful for all they have done. Without the shelter and all the advocates here I am not sure where I would be right now. They have helped us stay safe, clothed, fed, and healthy the whole time we have been here.

Dianna (Not her real name)

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Board Meeting Nov. 21

November 21, 2023 12:00 am

Board Meeting Nov. 21

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March 11, 2024 12:00 am

Coin Hunt

Blairsville  SAFE Thrift Store is having a “Coin Hunt” 3/11 through 3/16.

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